I'm fading away unnoticed
Fading away from the world inside
Fading away like the stars of the morning
The outside looks deceiving
Because it appears pleasant
But I've been having sleepless nights 

I spend the sunset of my days crying out my pains
If nature could be of help
Because it has been there since the childhood of the world
I feel comforted by the chirp of the birds in immemorial elms 
The smiling face of the evening golden sun soothes my soul 
But all for a while

What will happen to the  morning and afternoon???
I'm lost 
I fall upon the thorns of life and bleed 
I feel sharp pains like an arrow piercing through my soul and heart 

The golden sun brings hope for tomorrow
But what will tomorrow bring?
The same fate!
Unable to express myself in words 
Because silence is sometimes more eloquent than words

I feel lost and deserted
 Like the chaff blown by the wind
Feeling unstable inside like a wave tossed in the ocean
Fading away slowly like a vapor in the wind

Can anyone hear me out there?
No one! 💔
I just hope the viewless couriers of the air makes my voice audible

This poem is purely an effort of imagination______ OSO AYOMIDE