My Thoughts on paper.. 
Please Stop Body Shaming!

No man can create Himself. 
Only God can create a human being.
Since we cannot create a human being it would be ludicrous to downplay a person because of the way they look. 

We did not choose our Size,(Although it can be controlled) height, complexion,and even the size of our lips.

Making a mockery of their body whether the shape of their head, the size of their lips, their complexion, or height is saying that the fine work of art of the greatest sculpture is not good enough.

√The Aftermath of the circumstances surrounding the birth of some people can be the reason for any physical challenge they are living with. 
Accident /Sickness can have a bad effect on their victims. 

*****People are going through a lot, don't add to their pains. 
Body shaming people makes them feel incomplete. 

√I met someone with a bad teeth and she told me that the water she was drinking as an infant led to the damage of her teeth. 
*****Who would want to have a bad teeth. 

√Now! If you feel the need for someone to work on their body size or complexion (of course their are certain other we cannot change) Politely tell them or you recommend a solution that will not endanger their health.

√Appreciate God's fine Work of Art. 
√We are more than our Body.