The supposed giant of Africa is bleeding
The supposed giant of Africa is in severe pain
Our leaders killing the citizens
All for their selfish interest

The flag is green white green 
But it's now green red green
The white color which signifies peace 
Has turned red which signifies war 
All because of the brutality of our leaders

Gained Independence just to be in bondage 
In the hands of our people
We are being treated like animals
We've pleaded, we've cried 
But it all fell on deaf ears 
Then we opted for a peaceful protest 
No intention of harming anyone 
But we were harmed unarmed 

We are being slaughtered ruthlessly
Is it too much to ask for our rights?
Is it too much to ask to live like humans?
Are we asking for too much?

We prayed, we fasted
Hoping that one day we will get a good result
And then we saw our youths with an unusual cooperation
Coming out in unity
We became relieved
And hoped for a resolution but made it revolution.
We were certain that a better Nigeria is coming soon 
But you opted for war 
Have you forgotten we are the leaders of tomorrow?
But all because of corruption and greed 
You made injustice the order of the day 

_The bleeding pen of Oso Ayomide_✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼