My Thoughts on paper. 

🔴When Talent sleep!.

🔴Confidence in past glories is the very reason for some failures. 

🔴When you assume that because are good at something  (and of course you do)  that you don't need to do anything again, then failure waits at your doorstep.

🔴In one of my post, I made mention of the fact that whatever we don't nurture will die. 
Nurturing it means that you have to stay with it and stay at it.

🔴Staying at it will help create visibility... People will get to know you for what you do. 

🔴When talent sleep, hard work will certainly defeat it.

🔵Times have changed. 
🔵Knowledge is increasing.
🔴Learning like they say "Never ends " Learning is progressive.... 
🔵It is no longer as it was in the beginning, is now and ever more shall be. That's not with learning (Only what Christ has done will be forever) 

🔴The world has gone digital... So there is a need to top up your game. 
🔘We are in the 21st century.. 
🔵There is a need to step up your game.

🔴When talent assumes that anytime it wakes up and shake off like Samson that there is going to be a performance then the unexpected is about to happen.

🔴That you know something is not enough reason to go and sleep. 

🔴Repetition is the mother of perfection.

🔴To become a PRO  you have to keep at what you are doing. 

🔴There's is nothing wrong in going for a refresher course to refresh your memory rather than assuming you "can always "do it with or without rehearsal. 

🔴Consistency is key.

🔵Sustainability demands more energy,you need more than what you had when it arrived. 
🔴It takes CONSTANT LABOUR to remain at the Top. 

⚫️When Talent sleeps, failure is inevitable....